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Kathy Abusow

President and CEO
Kathy Abusow is President and CEO of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI®), a non-profit organization dedicated to responsible forestry. SFI’s success is founded on their conservation research, community partnerships and third party certification to the SFI Standard on approximately 200 million acres of forest land across North America. Kathy is the Chair of the PEFC US Governing Body. The SFI Standard is endorsed by PEFC. In November 2012, Kathy addressed the PEFC Stakeholder Forum on Bioenergy which addressed regulatory and procurement challenges and opportunities. Kathy earned an undergraduate degree from McGill University and a M.A. from Harvard University with a concentration in sustainable development of natural resources.

Jason Metnick

Senior VP, Customer Affairs
Jason leads the customer outreach efforts at SFI. This includes working directly with companies in the wood and paper supply chain including forest landowners, manufacturers, merchants, lumberyards, dealers, wholesalers, printers and end users. Jason also leads efforts on SFI recognition in green building rating tools and oversees the Office of Label Use and Licensing, which administers the rules and procedures for SFI on-product label usage. Jason has worked SFI issues since 2001, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Northern Arizona University. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters and sits on a number of committees related to forest certification and labeling.

Nadine Block

VP, Government Affairs and COO
Nadine is responsible for federal, state, and international policy activities related to forestry management, green building, bioenergy, and combating illegal logging. Prior to joining SFI in 2010, she held positions as Director of Forest Policy at the American Forest & Paper Association and Program Manager at the Pinchot Institute for Conservation. Nadine has 20 years of experience in natural resource policy focusing on public and private forest management, climate change, renewable energy, and international forest policy. Nadine holds a master of forestry degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Williams College.

Andrew De Vries

VP, Conservation & Indigenous Relations
Andrew oversees SFI's North American conservation program and engages Native Americans, First Nations and Metis groups both in the development and use of the SFI standard. Andrew also works with governments in Canada on forest management and conservation policies. He has worked in western Canada, USA and Costa Rica, and has over 2 decades of experience in natural resource management at both the field and national policy level. He has previously sat on the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) Council, NCASI’s Canadian Forestry Task Group, and the Forest Products Sector Council on Human Resources. Andrew is currently a member of the Conference Board of Canada’s Council on Corporate Aboriginal Relations. Andrew earned a B.Sc, and M.A. from the University of Calgary.

Gregor Macintosh

Senior Director Standards
Gregor supports the SFI Standard review process, pilot projects and task forces, and serves as staff liaison for the External Review Panel and the SFI Resources Committee. He manages auditor accreditation programs, coordinates the complaint process and deals with interpretations of SFI certification standards. Gregor joins SFI after many years working in the field of forest certification auditing where his focus areas included environmental and sustainable forest management performance, chain of custody auditing and forest carbon accounting. He has professional experience in the United States, Canada and China. Gregor is a Certified Forester with the Society of American Foresters and holds the SAF Certified Forestry Auditor designation.

Paul Trianosky

Chief Conservation Officer
Paul provides leadership for SFI’s conservation programs, principal liaison with conservation organizations, and guidance toward the development of standards and programs that ensure the attainment of conservation objectives. He works to maintain partnerships, grow the network of conservation organizations involved in the SFI Program, and to ensure relevance of SFI’s work in promoting sustainable supply chains and responsible sourcing. Paul oversees SFI’s Conservation Impact initiative and its Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program. He monitors conservation research developments and advancements in sustainable forestry to identify opportunities to further the SFI Program and activities of SFI Program Participants. Paul brings nearly 30 years of experience in forestry, non-profit management, forest certification, collaborative partnerships, and landscape-scale conservation. Before joining SFI, Paul was Director of Southern Forest Conservation for the American Forest Foundation. Prior to AFF, Paul held numerous positions with The Nature Conservancy for almost 20 years, including roles in executive management, and nearly 10 years directing forest conservation strategies in the southeastern United States. Paul has a B.S. in Forest Resource Management from Virginia Tech, and a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University.

Barry Graden

Director, Southeast U.S. Community Outreach
Barry Graden oversees the SFI Forest Partners Program aimed at growing SFI certification among medium sized landowners and mills, and supports the SFI program's community activities including SFI Implementation Committees and SFI’s partnership with Boy Scouts of America. Before joining SFI Barry accumulated over three decades of experience working in the forest products industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Forestry from Iowa State University and an MBA from Winthrop University. He is an Eagle Scout, a Certified Forester with the Society of American Foresters and a licensed Forester in the state of South Carolina.

Danny Karch

National Director, Green Building
Danny manages market development and acceptance of SFI certification programs in Canada and is responsible for Green Building in North America. He advises buyers in the public and private sectors about the value of SFI certification, and helps Canadian consumers understand an SFI label on paper and wood products is proof it is a responsible environmental choice. Danny is fluent in French and English, and works out of the SFI office in Candiac, Quebec.

Monika Gurzenski

Manager, Marketing
Monika manages and develops the marketing and corporate brand identity for the SFI program.

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