Happy Earth Day

This week starts with Earth Day and ends with Arbor Day. Throughout most of North America, springtime is in full swing, with trees blooming and sprouting new leaves everywhere we look. What better time to celebrate our forests, and to remind ourselves that their future depends on the actions we take today?

One of the simplest actions that you can take is to Buy SFI: today and every day, you will purchase products that depend on forests—from tissue to notebooks to cardboard boxes. By choosing products with the SFI label, you can support sustainable forestry and responsible forest management practices that will ensure that healthy, thriving forests will be around for generations to come. All of us at SFI are committed to that goal, and we appreciate your support as we work toward it.

And as a fun way to mark Earth Day and help spread the word about the SFI program, please share this special E-Card with your friends and family.

Happy Earth Day from everyone at SFI!

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