I recently had the opportunity to work with well-known research and consulting firm Info Trends on a webinar about sustainability and it is now available on their web site. For those that aren’t aware, Info Trends is a leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the digital imaging and document solutions industry. Like virtually all market research firms, Info Trends has clearly seen that their customers are incorporating sustainability into their business considerations, but see that they are also thirsty for reliable information. Enter SFI…

The firm recently released a study on sustainability that, among other things, revealed that social responsibility and customer demand are two primary motivation factors for printers’ adoption of green policies, though marketing and public relations benefits do factor in as well. Soon after the report was released, SFI was approached with an opportunity to chime in on some of the findings and provide the printing sector with more information about forest certification and the role of SFI. We recorded the webinar before Christmas and I am now thrilled to let you know it is available on Info Trend’s website. The presentation is available in three parts – click below and follow the “Flash Media Video and Animation” link at the bottom of the page to stream the presentation online.

Green Printing and Sustainability, Part 1: Forest Certification and an Overview on SFI

Green Printing and Sustainability, Part 2: SFI for the Paper and Printing Industries

Green Printing and Sustainability, Part 3: Marketplace Trends

We are more than happy to prepare these types of webinars for our members and certificate holders – email Karen[dot]brandt[at] for more information.

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  1. Hi, I am not a forestry person but I heard a great piece on NPR about soils, specifically topsoil. I wonder if the obvious (yet not headline-worthy) connection between forests and topsoil retention might not also be a part of your mission statement.
    I look forward to delving further into your website!

  2. Dear Holly,

    Thank you for checking out our website and for your question regarding soils. As you guessed, the health of the forest soil is extremely important for the overall productivity and health of the forest. In addition to providing nutrients, stability and habitat for the trees, shrubs, herbs and all other plants, forest soil also sequesters carbon, which is just one way that healthy forests help to mitigate climate change.

    Therefore, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard recognizes the importance of soil health and requires forest managers to implement management practices to protect and maintain soil productivity. Specifically, Performance Measure 2.3 addresses soils:

    Performance Measure 2.3. Program Participants shall implement management practices to protect and maintain forest and soil productivity.

    1. Use of soils maps where available.
    2. Process to identify soils vulnerable to compaction and use of appropriate methods to avoid excessive soil disturbance.
    3. Use of erosion control measures to minimize the loss of soil and site productivity.
    4. Post-harvest conditions conducive to maintaining site productivity (e.g., limited rutting, retained down woody debris, minimized skid trails).
    5. Retention of vigorous trees during partial harvesting, consistent with silvicultural norms for the area.
    6. Criteria that address harvesting and site preparation to protect soil productivity.
    7. Minimized road construction to meet management objectives efficiently.

    You can download and read our full standard at

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