Multiple Stakeholders Echo SFI View – USGBC Should Recognize SFI and Other Forest Certification Programs

Jason Metnick, SFI Senior Director of Market Access and Product Labeling, notes several groups agree with SFI — USGBC should recognize SFI and other forest certification standards.

Craig Webb recently wrote an article for ProSales outlining the benchmark changes and why various organizations don’t feel the current draft properly addresses forest certification issues. Yesterday Dovetail, a non-profit organization that works to remote responsible environmental behavior, issued a press release expressing their disappointment in USGBC’s benchmarks.

“The drawn-out forest certification benchmark revision process could, and should, have focused on development of a generic benchmark standard for construction materials in general,” notes Dr. Jim Bowyer, Director of the Responsible Materials Program within Minneapolis-based Dovetail Partners.

SFI believes the benchmarks, like the one currently proposed could result in never ending revisions, assessments and evaluations year after year with no clear results. We know the USGBC can do better, which is why we’ve urged USGBC leaders to listen to elected officials, government agencies, professional foresters, and others who are telling them to end the discrimination against North American forests and accept wood certified to all forest certification standards used in North America – SFI, FSC, CSA, ATFS and PEFC.

I encourage you to continue to follow the latest updates and show your support. Sign our petition and watch our green building movie if you haven’t already done so.

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