Paper and Paper Products Companies Represented at Brainstorm Green

It was no surprise to find members of the paper and paper products industries at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green conference. Issues such as sustainability, the future of energy, supply chains and climate change are all pertinent to the paper (and wood products) industries. In fact, both Rick Willett, President and CEO of NewPage and Guy Gleysteen, Senior Vice President, Production at TIME, Inc. were here to participate in the discussions and learn from the experts.

In their interviews, they both made some interesting comments regarding the amount of energy required in the paper making process. Of course, because healthy forests store carbon, sourcing from responsibly managed forests, like those certified to the SFI Standard, can mitigate the impact of climate change. Both TIME, Inc. and NewPage are SFI participants and are committed to responsible forest management.

Rick also commented on the collaborative nature of the conference – something we advocate ourselves in sustainable forestry practices. We were all pleased to find shared goals and mutual respect. It’s a collaborative attitude I hope continues.

Guy Gleysteen, SVP of Production at TIME, Inc.

Rick Willett, President & COO at NewPage Corporation

2 thoughts on “Paper and Paper Products Companies Represented at Brainstorm Green

  1. Thanks Grant for your post. I completely support finding ways to support more sustainable modes of communicating with the public. Increasingly, the print media are also looking at forest certification as an important tool in providing products, whether it be newspapers, magazines or books, from well-managed forests. For instance, many publishers are now requiring that the fiber they use for their publication be sourced from certified forests and they go a step further by adding the SFI label to the magazine or publication to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable forest management. In addition, mills that produce fiber for newsprint are increasingly getting certified so they can provide newspaper chains with fiber from well-managed forests. Consumer can do their part by asking publishers of their favourite magazines or newspapers to source the paper from well-managed forests.

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