Responsible Forestry. Let’s Start with the Facts.

Today marks the launch of SFI’s In Case You Were Wondering section of the website ( This part of the site is a resource for anyone with questions about forest certification or SFI and explains the values our program is grounded in, the importance of promoting responsible forest management and helps
cICYWWonsumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Independence and inclusion, rigorous third party audits and understanding eco labels are the themes covered throughout this area of our site. We showcase leaders in their respective fields with videos and information featuring me and other key contributors to forest certification:

Larry Selzer, SFI Board Member and President and CEO of The Conservation Fund;
Mike Ferrucci, NSF-ISR Forestry Program Manager and Lead Auditor; and
Scott McDougall, President and CEO of TerraChoice.

Additionally, there is a “share” feature on each page, making it easy for you to post and email information about the site to your social networks.

I couldn’t be more excited about the site, and we hope you find it valuable. Feel free to share your feedback by commenting on the post or emailing

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