SFI attends NRC’s 11th Annual Recycling Works Ceremony

Recently, members of the SFI team had the privilege to attend the national Recycling Coalition’s 11th Annual “Recycling Works” Award Ceremony at which Staples was honored for its recycling and sustainability practices.

Of course, recycling is an issue that’s important to us at the Sustainable Forestry Initiative because all recycled content begins as virgin fiber. Which means even recyclers need to care about the origin of fiber and how the forests it came from were managed – whether it is being used for the first time or the fifth. It’s one of the many reasons we must focus on sustaining our forests and that is what SFI is all about.

Prior to the event, I was able to sit down with David Refkin, President of the National Recycling Coalition to ask him about his views on recycling, sustainability and future policy issues – as well as background on the award Staples received. His answers regarding multiple content streams and the (possibly) pending cap and trade issue are particularly insightful.

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