Society of American Foresters CEO Says Open LEED!

Michael T. Goergen, executive vice president and CEO of the Society of American Foresters, recently had an op-ed about opening the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standard published in The Seattle Times. One important point he makes is:

“The only solicited comments the Building Council seems to be heeding are coming from groups bent on promoting a monopoly and others in the building sector who have very little, if anything, to do with forest products. I don’t understand why they ignore American foresters, who live and breathe forestry and go to school for years to understand how best to preserve and maintain one of our most precious natural resources.”

He goes on to give positive credit to the work SFI and the American Tree Farm System do. Additionally, Goergen points toward the economic benefits for the United States and Canada to open LEED, since most certified wood in North America is certified to standards other than the Forest Stewardship Council. As the trend for green building grows, using domestic wood certified by organizations such as SFI, ATFS and CSA only makes sense.

I’d encourage you to read the piece in full, and share with friends who care about the future of our forests and green building!

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