Tell the USGBC to Open the LEED Rating System By Signing The Petition

We’ve heard from a lot of people and organizations over the past few weeks about dissatisfaction with the direction the USGBC is taking the forest certification benchmarks. The deadline to submit comments on this latest round has passed, but there is still more we can all do. Another way you can get involved and take action is by signing this petition for USGBC to open the LEED Rating System.

All credible certification standards, including SFI, ATFS, CSA, and PEFC should be recognized by LEED.
Why should you sign? Well, for a couple of reasons:

  • If you’re a strong supporter of sustainable forestry and green building in North America, you understand the crucial role LEED plays in recognizing sustainable building products. SFI and other credible standards deserve a seat at the table.
  • Only 10% of the world’s forests are certified, but the USGBC’s oversight doesn’t account for many of these forests by being exclusive in their LEED Rating System.
  • This is an opportunity to join forces with forestry and sustainability experts around the world who recognize the credibility of SFI and other forest certification programs.
  • More than three quarters of North American certified forests are certified to SFI, ATFS or CSA, while Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests account for less than one quarter – the majority of FSC’s global supply comes from outside the US and Canada. An unintended consequence of the USGBC’s current FSC-only policy is that builders, architects and designers seeking the forest certification credit may source FSC-certified products from offshore instead of domestic products certified to SFI, ATFS, or CSA.

For the sake of our forests, our communities and the future of green building, I urge you to sign the petition. For more information about this issue, download SFI’s statement and read what voices in leadership roles are saying. From politicians to community leaders to forestry experts to environmental groups, all walks of life are taking a stance and recognizing SFI, ATFS and CSA as viable systems for the LEED Rating System.

4 thoughts on “Tell the USGBC to Open the LEED Rating System By Signing The Petition

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  2. All forest certifications should be allowed in the LEED program this gives people more options to support programs in there area through the leed program and ensure that products produced are being done in a responsible way.THE USGBC SHOULD GET WITH THE TIMES AND OPEN THERE EYES TO OTHERS THAT ARE PERFORMINNG THE SAME OR DOING BETTER!!

  3. I support SFI in there request for the USBGC TO OPEN THE LEED program to others.This gives people the option to support those that look after the forest in a sustainable way ensuring that forest are there for the future.

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