Timber UK Expo

036This week we are at the 3rd Annual Timber Expo in Birmingham, UK, exhibiting  with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC). This Expo brings together architects, engineers, contractors, local authorities and specifiers looking for the latest innovative timber products.

The joint SFI, PEFC and MTCC exhibit promotes and educates Timber Expo visitors on a wide range of issues including the need for forest certification to reduce risk of supply from illegal sources and how the SFI standard aligns with the new European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) and can be used as a tool to meet EUTR requirements. With a number of Timber Talks seminars and workshops, and ToolBox Talks — including one presented by PEFC — this  show demonstrates how timber can deliver an effective, more attractive, innovative and sustainable built environment.

It is great to meet and speak with many people about certification and specifically SFI in Europe. While forests certified to the SFI standard exist only in the U.S. and Canada where there is negligible risk of illegal logging, the SFI program takes significant steps to promote legal and responsible forest management and procurement worldwide. The UK is a significant market for North American wood products and the Timber Expo is a terrific conference to connect with primary and secondary users.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to remind folks that SFI is endorsed by PEFC which is the world’s largest forest certification umbrella organization endorsing national and/or regional forest certification standards that meet its rigorous sustainable forest management criteria.

Together, we are able to work towards our mission to certify more forests around the world, encourage more responsible, sustainable forest products and teach others about the many benefits of forest certification.

Danny Karch
SFI National Director of Green Building

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